1. This Notice and Conditions of Sale apply to all sales including sales by private treaty.
1.2 A premium at the rate 20% of the hammer price is payable
1.3 Whilst every care has been taken by The Cabinet Rooms in the preparation of the online catalogue, any statement of authorship, attribution, origin, date, provenience, age and condition is a statement of opinion and is not to be taken as a statement of fact.
1.4 The Cabinet Rooms reserve the right to consult and rely on any expert they consider to be reliable.
1.5 The Cabinet Rooms reserve the right at their discretion to refuse admission to their premises or attendance at their sale, without giving any reason.

2. Conduct Of The Sale
2.1 The seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on such lot, any reserve must be in writing prior to the auction.Neither the seller on his own behalf, nor any other person on the sellers behalf may make any bids in respect of the lots the seller is the owner.
2.2 The auctioneer has the right where a reserve has been applied to a lot, to at there discretion place bids ( up to but not exceeding such reserve) on behalf of the seller.
2.3 The Cabinet Rooms have the the right to advance the bidding at there absolute discretion and any bids, divide any lots, combine any two or more lots,withdraw any lots from sale and vary the order in which they are offered for sale without giving any previous notice or reason.
2.4 The buyer is the bidder who makes the highest acceptable bid for any lot, to whom the lot is knocked down on the striking of the auctioneers hammer. Any dispute is to be settled by the auctioneer at there total discretion.

3. Bidding
3.1 Bids are not accepted unless a bidding form has been completed. You my be asked for proof of identity, residence, in the form of passport, driving licence and/or credit, debit card.
3.2 Bidding in person; on the day of the sale and after filling in the bidding registration form you will be issued with a paddle with a number attributed to you for the purposes of the sale. Should you be successful this number will be used to issue an invoice.
3.3 Absentee Bidding; if you cannot attend the auction we will execute bids on your behalf. The service is free and lots will always be brought as cheaply as possible, in the event of identical bids the first received will take precedence.
3.4 Internet bidding; please vist our website and follow the links for The Saleroom.com

4. Payment and Collection
4.1 Unless agreed in writing prior to the sale, the buyer shall pay to The Cabinet Rooms all sums owed by 5 o'clock on the first working day after the sale.On payment the buyer will be required to take away the lot purchased from the premises at their own expense. For specific storage/transport please refer to The Cabinet Rooms website. 4.2 The title of the lot shall not pass to the buyer until all monies owed have been payed in cleared funds.

5. Non-Payment
5.1 Without any prejudice to any rights the seller might have, if the buyer fails to pay within 5 days The Cabinet Rooms may at its sole discretion may exercise any of the following remedies;
(a) store the lot at the buyers risk and expense.
(b) cancel the sale.
(c) reject further bids from the buyer.
(d) charge interest at 5% per annum above Base Rate from invoice date.
(e) re-sell the lot by auction or private sale, with reserve at The Cabinet Rooms discretion, in the event the the resale is for less than purchase price the buyer remains liable for any difference together with all costs incurred in the resale.
(f) commence legal proceedings to recover the purchase price and buyers premium, together with interest and the costs of proceedings on a full indemnity basis.

6. Failure to Collect
6.1 If the buyer pays but fails to collect the lot will be stored at the buyers expense.
6.2 After a period of 3 months if a purchased lot that has been payed for but not collected The Cabinet Rooms having given notice to the buyer is authorised to arrange a resale, the proceeds less all costs incurred will be forfeited unless claimed within 1 year of the auction date.

7. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
7.1 Any dispute concerning the description,condition,provenance,authenticity,age or if the lot is a forgery shall be referred to an expert by the professional body most appropriate to advise on the subject matter in dispute.
7.2 Such experts opinions shall be binding on relevant parties.
7.3 All costs and fees incurred in connection with the dispute resolution shall be borne by the seller and buyer as determined by the relevant expert. Additional information applicable to to the sale will be displayed at the sale venue and may be given out orally before the auction without prior notice.

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